An American in Austria.
A student (again).
Future teacher.
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I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

— L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables (via vse-tvoe-moe)

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5 things

  • We finally organized the kitchen a little bit.
  • Had a nice mellow evening at a friend’s house drinking beer (a little too much) and then singing Garth Brooks.
  • Have a bookshelf and a “drawer” for my workspace.
  • Bought tickets for the Gregory Alan Isakov concert! Excited!
  • Beautiful weekend - perfect weather, tractor ride, good food, got some garden work done, awesome long run…






Reblogging because this actually is a thing that should concern more people. 



REMEMBER: please dont use flowers from home depot/lowes if you’re wanting to help bees as their plants come with pesticides on them! plant from seeds, visit a nursery, or go some place local and ask what if any pesticides they use and do research


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2 x 5 things

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks!

  • I got my stuff moved from my (now former) apartment in Vienna to the storage unit.
  • I ate a delicious Schnitzel with a couple of friends before I left.
  • Had a relatively comfortable, creep-free train ride to Cologne.
  • E’s birthday dinner was a delicious success.
  • Nothing but beautiful weather so far!


  • We went to IKEA to get a few essentials (desk, chair, lamp) for what will be my study area.
  • Enjoyed riding the bike through the city, getting to know it and the parks a little better.
  • Got a few Uni things cleared up.
  • Made chocolate chip cookies :)
  • Spent a comfortable weekend in the country - garden work, sauna, food, and wine.

5 things

Final push before the move!

  • I finally figured out the insurance situation. (At least I hope so.)
  • Gave away some more stuff I don’t need.
  • Finally bought my train ticket to Köln!
  • Made an awesome chili with my roommates.
  • Have almost everything ready to load in the van tomorrow!



If you’re having a bad day here are a few baby animal pictures which surely should cheer you up!  :D

Yep! We feel better already! 

I might need this later if I get one more different and/or unclear answer to my question.

I might need this later if I get one more different and/or unclear answer to my question.

2 x 5 things

The last couple of weeks have flown by! Lots going on as I get ready to move. I …

  • had my last day at Weltcafe.
  • traveled to Croatia for my friend’s wedding, where I…
  • ate calamari that I actually enjoyed for the first time
  • saw an amazing sunset in Zadar
  • even felt so “zen” during my MOH speech
  • didn’t even have a hangover the day after!
  • totally chilled out the in those few days after the wedding before coming home - swimming, reading, sleeping, eating, drinking - and no sunburn!
  • only have to concentrate on getting things in order for the move. Thankful not to have work right now.
  • had an awesome run after 5 or 6 days of nothing.
  • got to FaceTime quickly with family who are gathered for a cousin’s wedding. Really wish I could be there!
  • logged my 1000th (+) mile in a little over one year! Slow and steady :)