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5 things

Final push before the move!

  • I finally figured out the insurance situation. (At least I hope so.)
  • Gave away some more stuff I don’t need.
  • Finally bought my train ticket to Köln!
  • Made an awesome chili with my roommates.
  • Have almost everything ready to load in the van tomorrow!



If you’re having a bad day here are a few baby animal pictures which surely should cheer you up!  :D

Yep! We feel better already! 

I might need this later if I get one more different and/or unclear answer to my question.

I might need this later if I get one more different and/or unclear answer to my question.

2 x 5 things

The last couple of weeks have flown by! Lots going on as I get ready to move. I …

  • had my last day at Weltcafe.
  • traveled to Croatia for my friend’s wedding, where I…
  • ate calamari that I actually enjoyed for the first time
  • saw an amazing sunset in Zadar
  • even felt so “zen” during my MOH speech
  • didn’t even have a hangover the day after!
  • totally chilled out the in those few days after the wedding before coming home - swimming, reading, sleeping, eating, drinking - and no sunburn!
  • only have to concentrate on getting things in order for the move. Thankful not to have work right now.
  • had an awesome run after 5 or 6 days of nothing.
  • got to FaceTime quickly with family who are gathered for a cousin’s wedding. Really wish I could be there!
  • logged my 1000th (+) mile in a little over one year! Slow and steady :)

5 things

August is going by way too fast. Almost wedding and moving time! This week I …

  • had decent workouts across the board. Even got in 11 miles on Saturday, my longest run since the Half in April.
  • got a much needed hair trim.
  • finally received some answers concerning my visa (if only that one document I need would arrive…).
  • picked up moving boxes from a co-worker so I can start immediately with the packing when I get back from Croatia.
  • have been enjoying “real” down-time engrossed in a book. Usually am too distracted to do that.

I’ve started saying that I feel schwa when I’m not stressed.


I’ve started saying that I feel schwa when I’m not stressed.

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Depression is like being forced to wear a cloak made of lead. You don’t get to choose when to put it on and take it off. It is a second skin which gradually seeps into your own, real skin and poisons it until you are a walking, toxic, corrosive bundle of infectious awfulness… You can “pull yourself together” only inasmuch as you can make yourself three feet taller. Whether you’re alone in a squalid bedsit with tinfoil on the windows or in a 17-bedroom mansion with a loving family and the career of your dreams makes no difference.

In the wake of Robin Williams’s suicide, British pianist James Rhodes shares a harrowing perspective on living with depression.

Also see the relationship between creativity and mental illness, what mood science reveals about the evolutionary origins of depression and artist Bobby Baker’s courageous visual diary of living with mental illness

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BPA-Free Plastic Containers May Be Just as Hazardous →

Ugh. Bad news for me and my beloved Nalgene. Might be time to give up my plastic bottles.

It will be sunny one day.

5 things

  • Donated blood for the first time in years.
  • Spent a relaxing afternoon reading a book and drinking tea and then beer.
  • Roommate’s family is gone. I finally have room in the fridge again and don’t have to worry about random hugs or food being shoved into my face when I don’t want it.
  • My workouts this week weren’t that great, but I leveled up on Fitocracy.
  • What I thought could be a somewhat disastrous work day, didn’t turn out too bad.